Monday, 23 December 2013

The Start

A lot has brought me to this point in my life. I'm 3 1/2 years after being attacked by a man who I thought was a friend. This changed my life forever. The slow, painful path to healing and happiness has been quite a journey and I could not have done it alone. I can only thank my family, my close friends and the help of a particular organisation: Rape Crisis.
 I came to them just over a year ago after finally realising that I wasn't coping properly anymore. I needed some help from people who were trained to deal with my case specifically. My GP had recommended I contact them and so I did. Within 24 hours of leaving my message, they were in contact sorting out an assessment for me and deciding where to go from there. They've provided me with support which I feel increasingly grateful for given the cuts being made on services aimed at women & children by the current coalition government.

I wanted to give something back to show my appreciation but also to make a stand. Not enough is being done to protect people from being attacked. Not enough is being done to properly punish the people who attack in this disgusting way. Not enough is being done to combat the a rape culture society we live in. This has to end. Despite stories like Steubenville and the Indian gang rape of 2012, not enough is being done. Instead of bitching about it, maybe I have to get pro-active.

On Thursday 26th June 2014, I am going to do something massive to not only raise money for Rape Crisis but to raise awareness and maybe - just maybe - make a difference. I am going to cut & shave off all of my hair which currently sits a way down my back. The hair will be donated to a separate charity who make real hair wigs for children who've lost their hair because of cancer.
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
I am going to keep this blog to document my progress, my preparation and the aftermath. I don't know how successful this will be. All I know is that if I help only one person, that would mean the world.