Thursday, 27 March 2014

13 weeks to go...

...and it's now that I start to begin the impending moment that'll be the cutting and shaving of all of my hair. I've always known that this would happen - I'm not one for backing down but it's now beginning to hit me what I'm going to do and how this could change my life.

1) The obvious point: my hair care will fly out of the window. I know I'd continue using shampoo for the scalp and to help the hair regrow in a healthy way. As I'm doing this in the middle of June, I'm going to stock up on factor 50 to put on my head daily to make sure I don't burn my scalp. I will have as many wigs as possible to alternate between (a couple of which will be dedicated to certain cosplays). In the grand scheme of things, this is pretty minor

2) No one will quite look at me the same again, for one. I've had these remarks put to me many times:

  • "You're not going to look the same"
  • "It's going to be wierd seeing you without your blonde hair"
  • "You're going to have to remember to look after yourself in a different way"
  • "But...your'll be gone!"
As much as people have been generally very supportive, I know they won't look at me the same which makes me fear they won't treat me the same which is not the intention I hold. As much as I acknowledge this is a bold move (terrible pun I know), I'm not doing this to be rewarded personally. I'm doing this, as I've previously specified, to raise awareness of a massive issue which I'm passionate about resolving.

3) This next point seems a bit more self-centered but I can't help but feel this will hinder any sort of personal life. I'm currently single and I don't see that changing before this hair cut (This would be the moment my best friend Steve would step in and go "You never know!" which is true but I'm pretty sure on this one.) Being bald is hardly the most feminine thing to do in our beauty-ideal-oriented culture and when the story reaches further about what has motivated me to do this and what I've stated publicly, I get the distinct impression that potential partners would run in the other direction. You may think I'm being quite pessimistic but I like to think I'm being somewhat realistic.

I think the important thing I can take away is this: regardless of the I'm too driven on my principles to give up. I made a pledge to do this no matter what and I will stick to that. Come what may, no matter what. Some things are far more important in life.

If you are able to, please donate to my JustGiving page. Every penny goes towards Rape Crisis - I will not profit.

Lots of love and solidarity <3 xxx

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