Thursday, 13 March 2014

An omission

I sat down with Simon Farr of the Bucks Free Press on Monday to discuss my hair cut and my story of surviving. It was a rather interesting interview especially as I sat down with a man to discuss it. I was offered before the option of speaking to a female journalist but I declined. This journalist had taken interest in my story and it's not like I was going to expose anything I hadn't already exposed...

...or that's what I thought. It only occurred to me after a much-needed nap that there was one glaring part I hadn't discussed in my blog yet. Whilst I am not going to go into much detail now, I might as well put it out there...

As a result of the attack in 2010, I became pregnant. I only found out after I'd passed the 3 month mark. Two days later, I miscarried.

As you can imagine, it was a really tough thing to deal with. It's the one aspect of this entire thing I am probably struggling to deal with the most. I've really struggled to even write this blog post but I know it should come out before it gets public elsewhere. I am intending to do a proper blog post addressing this in good time because - not to point out the obvious too much - it's one of the major consequences. Considering it happened to me and I'm running this blog, I will definitely address it. Just give me a bit of time to put it into words :-)

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Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX

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