Thursday, 6 March 2014

Strength In Numbers

When I decided to cut off all of my hair, I naturally assumed I would be cutting off and shaving my hair alone. I would have to get the bits and pieces together and work out how to shave/cut off my own hair. I've been blissfully proven wrong.

First off, my older sister Liza who is also a survivor volunteered herself to cut/shave off my hair. She's done voluntary hair-dressing with her own equipment plus I know full well she's very passionate about this subject. I'm covering her travel costs so she can come and stay. Secondly, Jenny whom I've been friends with for many years whose essentially like my little sister is intending to come over for the day to support me. She will either be there filming or handing information out.

L-R: Jenny, me and Liza. December 2013

One of the things that have struck me is the amount of people who've donated, who've shared the information across far and wide about what I'm doing and who've pledged their support. The most amazing thing? There are a couple of women who've said they may be interested in shaving their head with me in solidarity to raise money for the cause. That completely bowled me over. The fact that other people are inspired enough to join in in that way is amazing and really touching to me.

Current hair length

Ultimately this has taught me a really important lesson: I am not alone. That's one of the best feelings motivating me right now. It's now 16 weeks to go till the Big Hair Cut. To donate, click here!

Lots of love and solidarity <3 xxx

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