Friday, 11 April 2014

Hate Mail #1

I knew that cutting/shaving off my hair to raise awareness to the current rape culture was never going to be universally popular. It's a big thing to do and it's still a very taboo subject to cover. I always expected criticism from the get go...

...I didn't quite expect this though. Today I received an anonymous message from someone who'd apparently read my blog. Here it is:

"I read your blog. I think you're wrong. You don't get anywhere by being a bitch. If you want respect, have some fucking dignity. Seriously. Why don't you shut the fuck up? Maybe you'll actually raise some money that way."

Initially I wasn't going to respond but now I feel I should. I didn't think I was being a bitch - I'm not quite sure looking back at my blogs where this person got that impression. Neither did anyone else I asked but if you can think of anything, do let me know. One of the compliments that people have given me throughout is how I'm being quite dignified about the things that I talk about without losing my honesty. I write coherently and think through my entries. Some of my entries have taken either days or weeks to think through: my prior piece about how sex can be a massive minefield for me took about two/three weeks to write because I struggled to write it properly. I've got a future blog post which has taken me a couple of months to have the guts to begin, let alone complete. You'll find out why when I post it.

I think the bit about the hate mail I hated the most was the request... no... demand that I shut up. Be quiet. Be a good little girl and keep my mouth shut. That not only completely goes against what I'm trying to do but also proves this person completely and utterly missed the point. Part of my mission is to speak out, tell my story and raise the alarm loud and clear with the statistics and other survivors' stories. 

If I don't get the message out about what I'm doing, I won't raise money. If we never talk about, we'll never know. If we fail to challenge, we'll never get a solution. 

Keep reading and sharing my blog to get the word out. If you're able to, donate to my JustGiving page to help me reach my £1000 target. 

Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX


  1. I think you're right to respond in this instance, but don't waste any more time thinking about or trying to communicate with trolls. Ignoring them deprives them of attention, which is all they are after.

    1. Absolutely correct trolls need to be ignored.

  2. Well this...person (and I use that term very lightly) sounds...pleasent...

    Dumb twat should keep their mouth shut. Do the world a favor.