Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Are they abusive?

I was rooting through my coat pockets to get rid of any rubbish I may have accumulated over time. I came across a great card I was given at the Million Women Rise protest this year from the Butterfly Foundation. It explains what characteristics are indicative of abuse and what are indicative of a loving partner. I feel that this has to be shared considering that over 90% of people are raped by someone they know, a lot of whom are ex/current partners of the survivor. 
Here are Person A and Person B. See if you can guess which one's which. For this, I removed binary gender pronouns as abusers are never specific to one gender.

Person A
This person...
  • Shouts
  • Sulks
  • Smashes things
  • Glares
  • Calls you names
  • Makes you feel ugly and useless
  • Cuts you off from your friends
  • Stops you from working
  • Never admits when they are wrong
  • Blames you/drink/drugs/stress
  • Turns your children against you
  • Uses the children to control you
  • Never does their share of the housework
  • Never looks after the children
  • Expects sex on demand
  • Controls the finances
  • Threatens or wheedles you to get their way
  • Seduces your friend/siblings/anyone else
  • Expects you to be responsible for their well-being

Person B
This person...
  • Is cheerful
  • Consistent
  • Supportive
  • Tells you you look good
  • Tells you you're competent
  • Uses your name
  • Trusts you
  • Trusts your judgement
  • Welcomes your friends and family
  • Encourages you to be independent
  • Supports your learning, career etc.
  • Admits when they're wrong
  • Is a responsible parent
  • Is an equal parent
  • Does their share of the housework
  • Accepts that you have the right to say 'no' to sex
  • Shares financial responsibility
  • Takes responsibility for their own well-being and happiness
  • In short, acts like a reasonable human being

If you think you may be in an abusive situation seek out those who love & care about you and services such as National Domestic Violence helplineRape Crisis (if applicable) or the Police (if applicable)

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