Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Next Challenge

So I've been a bit quiet lately. I haven't blogged in just over a month. Shaving off my hair and exposing myself as a survivor took way more out of me than I anticipated. I've been way more exhausted than usual and extra working hours has meant my thoughts have been elsewhere and knackered.

Today I was at work and talking to a friend who was also working with me. The discussion got towards the recent Ice Bucket challenge which has been done to raise money for ALSA (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association). It got me thinking about the little challenges that raise a lot of money for charity then it occured to me - what if someone spent 30 days doing 30 different challenges for charity?

The Ice Bucket challenge
So here's the plan - for a period of 30 days at some point next year (date to be confirmed at a later date), I am going to do at least one challenge a day. I am going to raise the money for Rape Crisis. I haven't worked out which challenges I will do on what day so I would love it if I can get some feedback/suggestions. In order to prove I'm not cheating/skipping out, I will film myself doing every challenge and submit them immediately on to my YouTube channel.

Shaving off all my hair in June raised over £1,200. I want to continue to raise more to help fight the good fight against rape and sexual assault.

Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX