Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fabulous Magazine

Sunday 12th October 2014, I will be appearing in a feature article in Fabulous magazine. The article has been written by freelance journalist Kate Graham whose previous work has included interviewing Michelle Knight who was one of the women held hostage by Ariel Castro, Kaitlin Roig whose a Sandy Hook survivor and a survivor of the Children Of God cult. The article is about the factors that go into reporting rape and the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom.

Kate's website homepage. Seriously, check her stuff out. She's awesome!

So how did I get into it? I was approached personally after this blog had been found via a Google search. My Twitter handle was found, I was contacted and a Skype meeting was set up. Another Skype meeting and some emails later, I was notified that the article was going to print and should appear in the magazine on 12th October.

How do I feel about it? Scared but really enthusiastic. As much as I was very nervous, I knew this was something I wanted to do in whatever publication I could get my hands on (even if they didn't have the greatest record on womens issues.) Since I started this blog, I've always wanted to get the word out. I want people to read it and know my story. I want fellow survivors a resource that can give them a sense of understanding for what they may feel after their own ordeal. I want people who have never come across a survivor come across a blunt account of the difficult journey we face. I want people to become aware that rape and sexual assault are genuine issues with very damaging consequences that last a lifetime. Awareness and change are the two key goals in what I do. Sure, it's currently just a very small, far-out ripple in an ocean of content on the internet but that doesn't mean I'm just sat talking to a brick wall. Someone somewhere is reading and taking note.

I never thought I'd say these words but here they are; Sunday 12th October, go buy a copy of The Sun and read Fabulous magazine (you can't just buy the magazine on its own). Maybe this'll lead to something amazing. Maybe this will lead to nothing at all. I won't get anywhere by not trying my hardest.

If any other journalists/writers/supporters/readers etc. who wish to speak to me more about my journey or related issues, feel free to get in contact. I appear to be pretty easy. I'm open to contact from just about anyone. Disclaimer: abuse/trolling/harassment etc. will not be tolerated and if appropriate, will be reported.

Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX

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