Thursday, 23 October 2014

The Comfort Box

Three weeks ago I begun psychotherapy. I waited on the NHS waiting list for 7 months which is a pretty standard waiting time thanks in part to the very limited resources and continuous cuts by the Con-Dem government in the United Kingdom right now. I couldn't afford to pay for a private therapist on the very little I earn so I waited.

The wait is done. I've had three weekly sessions out of the twenty I have been given. It's been supremely scary in some respects because I know I really have to put the work in to deal with the issues I have. I am also hopeful because this is my chance to properly heal and make emotional and intellectual understandings of what I've dealt with and find a way to move forward so I can have good and bad days and stay afloat.

I can't comment on how well it's going because I've only really just started. One thing that has come up is my coping mechanisms, the way I deal with myself when I feel low and feel particularly bad. My current toolbox consists of self-punishment and harm. Whilst sometimes it can give minimal relief, it ultimately doesn't help me as a person. I know that in my head. It was suggested to me that I should get a box and make it a comfort box.

Phil the Autistm Awareness Bear pictured was too big for the box but he's included!

Fill it with things that make me feel good whether it's nice smells, things I like touching and whatever makes me feel nice. So far, my box looks like this:

I do need to fill it with a few more things but I think it's a good start. It'll be interesting to see whether this works or not but I felt it was such a good idea either way that I wanted to share this suggestion to the readers. If you're feeling bad and in need of comfort then surround yourself with things that feel good in every sense whether it's looking at something, listening to something, touching something, smelling something or tasting something. Have a Comfort Box full of these easy-to-access things and make sure you keep stocked up.

Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX

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  1. You know.....nothing like this was ever mentioned to me during my counselling. I had a breakdown a few years ago, down to a number of factors including the death of my best friend at only 42. This is such a good idea, I am going to make one of my own.