Monday, 10 November 2014

Some words to live by

I've just returned to my 'proper job' today after being off for just over two months on sick leave. I was super anxious over it and was pretty close to not going but I stuck it out and I'm glad I did because it went way better than I thought it would. There are two picture quotes I want to share to help anyone else in my position of anxiety over facing people. Here's one relating to other people's judgements:

The second one is particularly important to me. As I continue therapy, I am facing giant demons I have always been absolutely terrified of dealing with. I am dealing with major, major issues and there's no guarantees however I feel I am doing the right thing. I feel by going through therapy and doing this fundraising & raising awareness about sexual assault and rape, I am not only helping myself but setting the way to hopefully help others in my position. Hopefully I can help change the world for the better all because I chose to look at fear in the face.

Less than 5 months to go until I begin the 30/30 Challenge. I will be keeping you all updated with the preparations. Those that require events being organised will have final details announced soon!

Lots of love and solidarity. Always <3 XXX

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