Sunday, 8 March 2015

The 2015 Plan

So now I've changed my plans for fundraising this year, it's time to look at what I'm actually going to do. Here's the list:

Signed Suitcase
I was trying to think of ways I can incorporate going to conventions with my fundraising until it occurred to me that it was simple. I will go to events with a suitcase and a Sharpee to get autographs to cover the suitcase with. When it's covered, I will auction off the suitcase to the highest bidder. Note: I will let signers know what the suitcase is for.

Cross-Dressing Fundraising Party
It's a party! Come along to see creatives perform, a jewelry auction, a few stalls and more for a small price. Come dressed as someone else for a night and let your hair down for a good evening.

Nerd Quiz
I'll be hosting a quiz with nerd themes. Small teams will go head to head. The winner will win a prize but all who participate will gain the fun. There'll be a fee for teams to join. I will open up the ability for teams to join when a venue is confirmed/booked.

With all of these, all of the proceeds will go straight to Rape Crisis. I may have had to change what I wanted to do but I'm determined to continue to raise money for this excellent charity and continue to raise awareness to try and end sexual violence.

If you have any further suggestions for fundraising you think I could do, please let me know!

Lots of love and solidarity. Always <3 XXX

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