Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Fundraising at Valentines

Whilst I accumulate teams for my nerd quiz night, I want to start getting the ball rolling on the biggest of my future fundraising plans thus far: an evening do of entertainment! The night will be an Over 18s night and tickets will be available to buy on the door.

The general plan is that I will host a soiree of sorts with performances and chances at winning prizes whilst refreshments are served by drink servers. There's no set location just yet - I would love to have it either in Reading or in London. The date is set for Saturday 13th February so this will be a great night for any couples wishing to mix celebrating Valentines with donating to a fantastic cause. Statistically, violence against women increase around Valentines so to mark this with a fundraising night is one way to fight it.

So what will this night offer? Nothing is set in stone but here are things that I am thinking of running:
  1. Name the Teddy - before the evening entertainment kicks off, you can pay a small price to pick a name for a teddy bear. During the show, a name will be picked at random. The person who picks the winning name keeps the teddy bear. Every penny raised will go to Rape Crisis.
  2. Magic Show
  3. Jewelry Auction - beautiful pieces of jewelry donated by small businesses will be auctioned off with every penny going to Rape Crisis
  4. Raffle - buy a ticket before the entertainment starts and maybe you'll win a prize! There'll be three prizes up for grabs. Winners will be announced during the show. Every penny from the raffle ticket sales will go to Rape Crisis.
  5. Lip sync competition - six people will battle it out in a contest to see whose the best lip sync-er. People wishing to enter must enter before the night itself with information on what music they wish to compete with.

Of course, none of this is possible alone. I would love to hear from anyone who can do any of the following:
  1. Serve refreshments and food
  2. Compete in the lip sync contest
  3. Any small-business owners wishing to donate merchandise to raffle off for charity.
  4. Any performers who are willing to entertain whether it's music, magic tricks, dance etc.
  5. Technical people who can help with lighting/sound
  6. Anyone who can assist in finding a suitable location

Do get in touch with me through this blog or message me personally if you know me. For more information on what Rape Crisis does, please check out their website!

Lots of love and solidarity. Always <3 XXX

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Nerd Quiz Night

I managed to get myself into the fundraising gear and I can properly announce that I will be doing a Nerd Quiz night!

Teams of up to 4 will go head-to-head to win the title of Champion Nerds! There'll be a variety of topics including film, tv & comics. I will be filming the event as a memento of the event but also hopefully as a fundraising guide for anyone else who wishes to do the same thing.

It'll only cost a team £5 to enter which they pay on the contest day. Water provided free, tea & coffee will be provided at 10p each and there will be cake for sale. All proceeds will be donated to Rape Crisis.

When? Saturday 14th November 2015 at 7pm.
Where? All Saints Church Hall, 14 Downshire Square, Reading , RG1 6NH

If you're interested in competing, please let me know by either commenting here. If you know me personally, do get in touch with me directly.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Fundraising Mission Resumed!

I had ambitions for my 2015 fundraising hopes. I still do although due to some quite major changes in my life, it's had to take a back seat so I can sort myself out and get things back on track. Now that I'm a lot more sorted, I can get the ball properly rolling.

The first thing I'm going to tackle is the Quiz Night. I've set a preliminary date for Saturday 14th November 2015 in the evening in Reading. I don't have a set venue yet but once I do it shall be shortly announced. I am looking for teams of 4 to compete for a small prize and the satisfaction of victory. To enter, the teams must put up an entry fee of £5 which will go directly to the charity.

The second thing to sort is the suitcase. Here's the recap: I will be getting well-known people I may meet at conventions to sign this suitcase. I'll ask their permission first and ensure they have information should they wish to inquire any further into my fundraising efforts.  Once the suitcase is full of signatures, I shall auction it off and however much it goes for, 100% of the money will go straight to Rape Crisis. I can't guarantee it'll be full by 2015 but it'll at least start.

Last but by no means least - an evening do! My original plan may well alter somewhat but the general plan is to have a soiree evening of sorts with entertainment, food, a charity auction and fun for adults! If you can dance, do magic tricks, do stand-up comedy, perform music or simply want to entertain please do get in touch with me. Because time is relatively short between now and the end of the year, it won't occur in 2015. I've decided to hit hard with my message by setting this evening around Valentines Day - likely Friday 12th or Saturday 13th February as a lot of sexual violence occurs around this time. As before, announcements will be made as and when more details come to light.

Any more ideas, you may ask? Perhaps but that'll all come in time :) If you do come up with any ideas, do get in touch. I'm always keen for input.

I'm incredibly grateful for the support I have received so far in my quest to change the way we treat sexual violence and to raise money for a charity like Rape Crisis that do such good for women in England & Wales. With dwindling funds and an increase in demand for support, it's now more important than ever to help.

Lots of love and solidarity <3 XXX